I am playing the Japanese version of とびだせ どうぶつの森 on the 3DS LL (bundle). I'm also playing the American version bundle, Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS XL.Yes both!

* All photos that I post are taken, lit, and edited by me natsukigirl / mintymura I retain all copyrights to my artistic / graphical work and my photos.


sometimes they move in right where you want them to…

sometimes they move in right where you want them to…

Frobert (frog) moved out and Drago (DRAGON!!!) moved in to my NA town, and Takyu (purple ostritch thing) moved out and Kabukichi (Kabuki Cat) is moving into my JP town via a friend.

Lucky weeeeek!

villager picture trade

if anyone needs Cobb or Henry’s pic I’m trading them for basically any other villager pics, unless I have it already, but I don’t have many. ^^

Lemme know! Ask box is open! (you’ll get replies via my main, natsukigirl, tumblr)

some april fools day info for villagers is incomplete. if all else fails just keep saying you don’t know until they say their birthday or catchphrase.

I had to do that with Sally just now on my TT town.

Since I now know which one she was, real Sally also said she was good at blowing bubbles and wants to be a chef.

angeldirtbaby asked
hey!! just wondering, but where did you get the japanese version of animal crossing? is it playable on systems purchased outside of japan? thanks!

I got my Japanese 3DS LL via ebay (the とび森 special edition that came preloaded), I then also bought the North American one of the same thing once it came out.

Normally I only buy one system because in the past they had been region free, but for the 3DS they decided to be jerks and region locked them.

This means I needed one system for each region I want to play games for. Since there are/will be several titles from both America and Japan that I wanted to play, this meant having to get one of each.

Do note, however, that the region lock only seems to apply to the 3DS specific games (games with the newer notched shape and 3DS indicated on them). All my older DS games from America and Japan all work on both of my 3DSes regardless of region.

Torako, please put some clothes on before I come over…

Torako, please put some clothes on before I come over…

Weeding Day Furniture Tip



How to get all the furniture without weeds!
If your town has the Beautiful Ordinance and NO Weeds:

1: have less than four human characters
2: make a new human character on weeding day (we’ll call them EXTRA)
3: talk to Isabelle and Tom Nook, set up your tent/plot, talk to Isabelle and Save And…

Visiting people who have a lot of weeds and Lief sleeping in their town is an extremely easy way to get the furniture items too.  It only takes around 50 weeds for him to pop up. Plus you’ll be plucking weeds that go towards badges.

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The first thing Julian did when he got to my town was change into one of my rainbow designs. Perfection.

The first thing Julian did when he got to my town was change into one of my rainbow designs. Perfection.

yaay a friend just gave me Julian! :D

Quick T-Shirt Guide for Villagers!

So, we’ve all been in that position where our villager is wearing an ugly pattern from a previous town or some hideous t-shirt they bought off one of your characters. It happens BUT that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer it out until they change their minds!

I am obsessed with my villagers wearing either a. cute tees or b. cute self-designed shirts. This what I do so they don’t walk around looking a hot mess while my custom designs just take up space in the Able Sisters and this is also how I avoid sending multiple shirts and waiting for those little brats to put the dang thing on!

1. Find all the tees you have in your possession that you like.

2. Fill up your pockets with these! It’s okay if you have tools, villagers aren’t gonna ask you for those. (At least, in my experience, they have never - NOT ONCE - asked for my tools.)

3. Prepare yourself for becoming a Pro Listener ‘cause you’re gonna be doing a lot of talking. (Helps with getting pictures too!) If your villager is outside, pass by with all your shirts and see if they PING! you. They may ping for other tasks, random questions or they might want to buy your shirt!

4. If they don’t ping or they are inside, talk to them. Talking to them will eventually bring about the conversation about you having such and such shirt! In order to move this along quickly, do not talk to them so much that the “…” bubble appears over their head.

5. You may have to leave their house or leave them outside and go inside a few times in order for the buying shirt conversation to pop up! ( It took three visits to Vladimir’s house for him to ask about the daisy tee.) 

6. This method usually takes me less than ten minutes and VOILA, new shirt!

NOTE: I have found better success (more buying conversations or clothes PINGS) when the villager is outside. A 2:1 ratio actually, twice as much more likely to buy a shirt than the villagers inside. (Example: Gayle purchased a shirt twice, Vladimir only once.)  Also, they may not always immediately put the shirt on, so you can wash/rinse/repeat until they do.

THAT’S IT! Good luck dressing your babies! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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