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ぴこぷり June-July 2013

Here is a quick look at the contents of PicoPuri June issue, this is not all of it, just a sampling of the mag and the furoku (extras).

To start off a huge sheet of metallic villager stickers and a fold out poster/event calender for summer.

And example page of how packed the articles are (there are several), fish and bug guide pages…

But most importantly, the Remake pocket guide!! I also show an example page for that. THIS is probably my favorite thing, because most of the remake info contained in that pocket guide is NOT in the kanpeki guide book. So I will probably be using this one A LOT.

It also came with a thicker version of the design and town melody guide book (with different outfits btw, just MORE of them). So a couple example pages from inside that.

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    I am so glad that I have this, it’s really awesome!!
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    There will be an English guide book, however if history repeats, it won’t be as detailed as the Japanese guides, and...
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    anyone know if theres an english version of the guide book?